Provillus For Women – Does It Really Work for Hair Loss?

Does Provillus work

Hair loss and thinning hair can be a frustrating experience for anyone, however, thankfully there are treatment options for hair loss available. Hair loss is often associated with men however women experience hair loss too. In fact every 1 out of 4 women experience hair loss.

When you are first confronted with hair loss, it is advisable to first find out the reason behind your hair loss. The most of common reason for hair loss is alopecia. Given the wide range of companies and products claiming they work, it can be easy to get confused and mislead. However, there are products that claim they work, and actually do! One of which is Provillus.

What is Provillus?

Provillus is a treatment option for hair loss. When purchasing Provillus, customers receive supplements and a topical solution. The supplements are taken in capsule form daily. The ingredients in the supplements are 100% natural. These natural ingredients have been clinically tested and prove to be an effective formula for hair regrowth.

The ingredients Provillus use inhibit dihydritestosterone (DHT). The production of cortisol is controlled by Provillus which is significant given the fact that cortisol, like DHT, leads to hair loss.

Provillus provides hair with vitamins and minerals, promoting hair health and encouraging hair regrowth.

Does Provillus work?

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Simply put, yes it does.

Provillus for women and men creates a nutrient, healthy environment for stronger hair stands to grow and for dormant hair follicles to be revived. The ingredients in Provillus also works to stop the shedding of hair by blocking dihydritestosterone (DHT), a hormone that causes hair loss to occur.

The clinical tests that Provillus has undergone produces positive results. The effects Provillus has on the hair growth cycle proves to strengthen hair follicles and encourage the growth of healthy hair.

Provillus works in three steps:

  1. Ingredients such as iron and magnesium, provide hair follicles with nutrients.
  2. Hair follicles are protected from DHT, and cortisol thus preventing hair loss
  3. Encourage hair growth with the ingredients of horsetail silica and para-Amino Benzoic among others.


More on the ingrdients in Provillus:

  • Provillus topical solution contains minoxidil which is proven to be one of the most effective ingredients regarding the prevention of hair loss and the promotion of hair regrowth. A study was conducted to test the effectiveness of Provillus with the ingredient of 5% minoxidil against the 2% minoxidil product. The study only had male participants. The study concluded that Provillus with 5% minoxidil was 10 times more effective than the Provillus product with 2% minoxidil
  • Another ingredient in Provillus is Azelaic acid. The combination of azelaic acid with minoxidil works to promote hair regrowth and stop hair loss effectively.
  • The ingredients in Provillus includes a herb called saw palmetto. This herb comes from the saw palmetto fruit. Each supplement capsule has 750 mg of saw palmetto.
  • Other ingredients include zinc, biotin, B6 and a mixture of herbs (e.g.: root oils and seed oils).

Provillus is a product that has remained on the market since 2002. The manufacturers of Provillus are called Ultra Herbal. This well-known company offers a money-back guarantee if Provillus does not meet a satisfactory level for you. However, it is important not to rush the process.

You can expect to see positive results within 2 months. At this stage you will begin to notice stronger hair. Within 6 months you can expect to see a noticeable decrease in hair loss.


Advantages of Provillus

It can help you

  • Encourages growth and maintenance of healthy hair
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Prescription is not needed
  • Both men and women can use it
  • No artificial ingredients are used thus decreasing, the already small potential, for side effects to occur. T
  • Blocks 5-alpha reductase (enzyme that promotes hair loss)
  • Provillus offers money-back guaranteed.
  • Minimal to no side effects

Disadvantages of Provillus

negative effects

  • Provillus does not offer a free trial
  • Continued use of the product is necessary if you want to maintain the positive effects it has
  • This product is not available in stores
  • What Are The Potential Side Effects of Provillus?
  • Swelling in the arms and legs may occur during the initial period of treatemnt
  • Mild stomach ache
  • Blurry vision may occur (this is very rare however)
  • Weight gain

What Can I Do to Avoid Side Effects?

  • Follow the suggested dosage strictly
  • If you are taking other drugs, consult your doctor before taking Provillus
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use Provillus.

Will Provillus Work for Me?

Will it work for me

If the hair loss you are experiencing is causing you distress and you are looking for an effective treatment options, try Provillus. It promotes hair growth and works to prevent hair loss, and that is the goal after all. When using Provillus, please have reasonable expectations; good things come to those who wait, so keep using it for at least 6 months before coming to the conclusion that it does not work. It is also important to remember that we are all different. Although many people get positive results for using Provillus, like any product, it may not have the same effect on you – it may work faster, it may take longer to work and it may not work at all. However, given the positive reviews, amount of positive results, and effective ingredients, the potential for it work for you is very high.

I Am Interested

I am interested

As mentioned above, Provillus is only available online. This may seem like a downside, however it decreases the possibility of buying imitations of their products. They offer reasonable prices, and sometimes you may be lucky to find they have discounts and promotions. On their website Provillus offers a money-back guaranteed after 90 days – his is only available on their website.

You can get a free bottle of Provillus supplements if you purchase selected packages. Just click here.

To purchase Provillus for women with 2% minoxidil click here.

Good Luck!

If you are looking for an effective product that does not have harmful chemicals and low potential for side effects, Provillus is the product for you! If you would like to view other supplements/vitamin options for hair loss, please click here.

Hair loss can be scary, so I feel it is important to for us to support each other. If you have used Provillus before, please tell us about your experience below.

4 Replies to “Provillus For Women – Does It Really Work for Hair Loss?”

  1. Wow. A product that works! Well, lets hope so. The information here is encouraging. So many products give the hype and there is no truth in the actual reality of it. Having thin hair is one thing, but loosing hair is quite another. Nothing like haveing your scalp show through your style. Just embarrassing!

    I’m really excited to read your post. It seems very authentic. Lets hope the results are as you claim!
    Thanks for helping us girls out with this great information. I can’t wait to give it a try!

    1. Yes, there are multiple products that claim they work. That is why it is important to research and read/watch reviews before making a purchase. Although hair loss can be embarrassing, it is important to remember that it doesn’t define our beauty. Having said that, thankfully there are treatment options out there to tackle hair loss. Have your tried any hair loss treatment options or hair growth products that work?

  2. This is a very informative post on Provillus, as a matter of fact, this is my first time hearing about this product.
    Yes! as we grow older, hair loss and thinning hair is an exactly frustrating experience to anybody and we are lucky nowadays for lots of treatments or product available online and stores.

    Thank you for sharing this post,

    1. I am glad this post was informative for you. We have technology and science to thank for the options for hair loss treatment available to us. Have you/do you have any experience with hair loss?

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