Minoxidil for Hair Loss – how it works and top products

What Is Minoxidil?

What is minoxidil

Minoxidil is a formulation that increases the blood circulation in the scalp, promoting hair growth. It is FDA-approve method to stimulate hair growth for people struggling with hair loss. People who are experiencing alopecia areata, male and female baldness (also known as androgenetic alopecia). However, studies show that although it has produces positive results for people who have androgenetic alopecia, it is more effective for people with alopecia areata and other issues that result in general hair loss.

To learn more about alopecia and other different reasons behind hair loss please look through previous posts on this site.

Minoxidil is widely used because of its effectiveness in increasing the oxygen supply to the hair follicles, preventing hair loss and encouraging hair growth. If you are seeking ways to your hair loss issues, minoxidil is recommended as a key part of your regime.

How Does It Work?

Minoxidil can be used topically as a liquid or a foam, and it can be ingested in pill form. I recommend topical treatments, especially if you have male or female baldness.

Understanding Hair Loss

Everyone’s hair falls out, and the hair that falls out is replaced. On average, hair grows for six months and then it stops growing for a while, eventually falling out at some stage. 85% of the hair on your head should be in the growth stage and 15% should be in the stage where it has stopped growing. This is called the resting stage in the hair growth cycle.

However, If you have female or male pattern baldness this is not the case; your hair follicles decrease in size over time resulting in thinner hair and a shorter hair growth period. The shorter the amount of time you hair grows, the longer your hair takes to be replaced after it has fallen out, if it’s replaced at all, and if they are replaced, they are replaced with thinner strands of hair.


Minoxidil stimulates the increase of hair follicle size by increasing blood flow, and thus oxygen supply to the hair follicles. This helps prevent hair loss and extends the length of the hair growth period. Minoxidil also stimulates hair follicles to move from the resting phase of the hair growth cycle, to the growth stage.


Minoxidil, like other hair treatments, don’t work for everyone. However there are studies that have been done which prove its great success rate.

A 2012, one year study with 984 participants had an 84% success rate in tackling hair loss.

Positives Effects of Minoxidil

positive effects

  • It slows down and prevents hair loss, and in some cases it encourages hair regrowth. This is why we are here isn’t it. For optimal results, it is best to start using minoxidil as soon as the hair loss begins.
  • It is FDA-approved. Minoxidil is one of the few options out there to tackle hair loss. The fact that it has been approved by the FDA means that it is worth the try.
  • It’s affordable. There are many treatment methods out there for hair loss, ranging from laser treatments to hair transplants. Minoxidil products provide a cost-friendly approach to achieving your hair goals.
  • It has been used for generations. Many people over the years have used minoxidil to address their hair loss. This shows that it has been an effective and dependable treatment for many people, and it can be that for you too.

Negative Effects of Minoxidil

negative effects

  • You must continue to use it indefinitely. The positive results minoxidil has on treating your hair loss will stop if you stop using it. Continued use may be inconvenient and expensive.
  • You may experience hair loss at first. During the month or two of using minoxidil you may notice increased hair loss. This occurs because as the minoxidil is revitalizes your old, thin hair on your head are being pushed out by the new hairs. This shed of hair is a good sign, it means the minoxidil is working. Many people stop using minoxidil when they experience this initial hair loss. Don’t do this. Stick with it, it will be worth it once you see the new hair.
  • It may cause unwanted hair growth. This side effect may be especially worrying for women. Some women report facial hair growth. This can be caused either as side effect of the product being applied to the scalp, or as a result of the product accidentally falling onto the face. The risk of this happening is higher if you use 5% minoxidil concentration, which is designed for men, instead of 2%. So if you are a woman, be sure to use 2% minoxidil concentration and be careful not to allow the product to touch your face.
  • It may cause skin irritation. As you use the minoxidil for hair loss you may experience flaking of the skin, irritation or redness.
  • The positive effects of minoxidil may diminish with time. Minoxidil is not a cure for hair loss, even though it increases the growth stage of the growth cycle. It can be beneficial for decades, however the positive results will decline overtime.

Top Minoxidil Products

Experiencing hair loss can be frustrating and devastating however there are products out there to help you. The following products are top chosen minoxidil products based on reviews and purchase rate. Each of them have proven to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth effectively.

For Women:

Lipogaine for Women

2% Minoxidil concentration

Nioxin Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment Women

2% Minoxidil concentration

Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam

5% Minoxidil concentration

For Men

Lipogaine for Men

5% Minoxidil concentration

Kirkland Signature Minoxidil for Men 5% Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment

5% Minoxidil concentration

Men’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam for Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth

5% Minoxidil concentration

What You Need to Know

If you decide to start using minoxidil, on average, you should start to see results within 4-6 months. Minoxidil products, like other hair treatments products, are designed to help those who help themselves. It is your responsibility to make the necessary changes to help your hair grow. To do this, it advised for you to find out the cause behind your hair loss, if you don’t already. Even stress can trigger hair loss, so some lifestyle changes may have to be made. How well you comply with the guidelines of the product you choose also affects the results produced, so stick to the instructions! Positive results are also dependent on the degree and severity of the hair loss you are experiencing; the worse it is, the more time and work it may take.

It Can Help You

It can help you

Minoxidil has proven to be an effective hair loss treatment for many, and it can help you tackle hair loss as well. Use supplementary treatments to increase the effectiveness of minoxidil to achieve optimal results. Be consistent with the products and stay positive! Say NO to hair loss.

If you have any comments or questions about minoxidil please leave them below. If you have used minoxidil for hair loss before, please leave a comment, let’s be sure to help and support others where we can.

Please be advised that this article is for information purposes only. If you are seeking medical advice please consult a doctor.

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